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Natural wood to white and navy blue painted cabinets before and after

Painted Cabinets

When done by a professional cabinet painting company, your painted cabinets will look so good you’ll think they came that way!

Cabinet Painting is so completely different from traditional painting.  That’s why you need a specialized cabinet painting company, that has cabinet painting as their key focus. 

Kitchen cabinet painting requires special products – products independently tested for use in kitchens (just because it says it’s meant for kitchen cabinets on the can, doesn’t mean it’s been tested and proven for cabinet painting). It takes special processes and techniques.

Painted kitchen cabinets have exposure to heat and oils and so much more. They are also a high touch, high use area. They require a specific process to ensure adhesion and durability.  Make sure you hire a cabinet painting company that has experience with this very specialized service.

Choose a Professional Cabinet Painting Company for the most important room in the house.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

The products and service you choose for your painted kitchen cabinets, is not just about durability – although that’s very important. It’s also about how it looks and feels. Painted kitchen cabinets should pass for new cabinets.

When you use the services of professional cabinet painting company, your cabinets should look and feel as though you’ve gone through all the expense and hassle of a full renovation and replaced your cabinets.

Your guests don’t need to know you didn’t spend tens of thousands more than you actually did. (Unless you want to brag about how wise you are, then please give them our number.)

before and after cabinet painting in Aldersyde

We Paint Other Things Too

All the things we’ve learned over hundreds of kitchen cabinet painting projects, can be applied to other areas of your home as well. Banister rails, entertainment centres, bath vanities and basement bars can all benefit from the custom processes we apply to painted kitchen cabinets.

We can also help you with the trim and doors throughout your home, as well as wall painting.

before and after painted kitchen cabinets chapala pointe

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Banister Rail before and after painting

Banister Rail Painting

before and after painted bathroom vanity cabinets chapala pointe

Bath Vanity Painting

Striking black accent wall between painted white built-in cabinetry

Entertainment Centre Painting

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‘No one thing you can do will have a bigger impact on your home than paint,’ she says. ‘So you have to make sure you do that part right.’

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