Banister Rail Painting

Give yourself a new banister rail that looks and feels brand new for a fraction of the time and cost of replacement.

Professionally Painting Your Banister Rail Will Make it Look and Feel Brand New

So, you want a new banister rail!

A brand new banister rail can be incredibly expensive not to mention it can be quite a bit of hassle to have the old one torn out and a new one put back in.

There’s a good chance your new banister rail will need finishing as well – that means having someone like us to come in and spray paint it with a durable, commercial grade sprayed finish.

If you like the shape and style of the banister you have, why not skip all the in-between steps and have the banister rail you already have repainted to a colour of your choosing?

Before and After Banister Rail Painting

Will Painting My Banister Rail Be Durable?

Banister Rail before and after painting

We all know that when buying a new home, the painted banister rail is very durable.  Why do we worry about painting a new banister rail in our home?  All too often, the process and products used on new banister rails are not the same as that for already built rails. 

This should not be the case! At Distinctively Paint we use the same commercial grade products like those used in the new home market.  So your newly painted banister rail will look and feel like it’s brand new!

The difference between painting new banister rails and existing ones, lies in the preparation.  Much more care needs to be taken to ensure all the previous dings and bumps are filled and sanded.  The old coating needs to be sanded as well to provide ‘tooth’ for the new product to stick.  And industrial strength primers are required to ensure a proper bond to the old finish.  

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