Professional Spray Booth Painting

Jan 6, 2024

Spray Booth Painting / Professional Spray Shop 

Are you a homeowner looking to have your cabinet doors professionally painted?

Are you a contractor searching for a spray shop that can refinish full sets of cabinet doors for kitchens or bathrooms?

Distinctively Paint offers our spray booth services to homeowners or those in the industry looking for a full service shop that provides high-end spray painting and finishing.

  • Our services include professional assessment, cleaning, fixing/filling, sanding and spraying virtually any wood surface.
  • Our processes for prepping, sanding, spraying and drying ensure the highest quality end-product with a virtually flawless finish and a piece that will look and feel brand new.
  • We work with almost all cabinet products: traditional woods such as oak or maple, modern composites like MDF, as well as delaminated thermofoil or bubbling edge tape can be repaired and sprayed in either a solvent-based or water-based paint to produce a completely refinished product with a stylish new colour scheme.

What We Can Spray 

  • Deliver a full set of kitchen cabinet doors to have them cleaned, filled, sanded, primed and sprayed in four total layers of paint providing a brand new finish and colour to your kitchen cabinets (also applies to bathroom, bar, or built-in cabinets with shelves etc).
  • Capacity to fit an entire home’s set of passage doors to have them refinished and resprayed white, (or any colour) if the original paint is faded or chipping away.
  • Doors, drawer fronts, shelves and trim work, can be resurfaced with durable lacquer finishes without the mess and hassle of painting them yourselves at home.

Why Use A Spray Shop

  • Whether you work in the industry or you’re a homeowner looking for professional painters, spray shop services are an excellent choice for top quality professional spray painting for large sets of cabinet doors, man-doors, or any other piece that can be removed and delivered to us at the shop.

Come Visit Us at 105, 4632 1st Street SE!

  • We welcome any contractors and potential clients who may be interested in our painting or spray shop services to come down and see for yourself what we’re all about, located in the Manchester Industrial Park. 
  • Our professional spray booth features three distinct areas, organized by the steps in the spraying process.
    • Our main area and loading bay is where drop-offs are first assessed, organized onto racks, and sent in line to start the painting process: cleaning and primary sanding on the main tables.
    • The spray booth itself is the sealed room to the right hand side as you walk into the shop. This area features closable doors with an air pass-through and dust filters that provide the directional airflow when inside the booth spraying paint. This is where the magic happens! 
    • The third large room directly to the left as you walk into the main area is our drying, wrapping and supplies room. This area is meant to be as clean and dust-free as possible, to allow for the best drying conditions and a clean space to wrap and organize the finished doors. 

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