Painted Entertainment Centre Cabinets

Painted entertainment center cabinets update the look and feel of the cabinets.  But who should you choose to do the painting for you? What products should be used? These articles review the many things you should consider when having your entertainment centre painted.

How to hire a cabinet painter:
This is a very important article on cabinet painters and how to hire them.

Process of Painting Cabinets:
What are the steps that must be taken to achieve a quality finish. How to make a painted cabinet look and feel brand new. Sanding, cleaning, filling and caulking are all important steps in the process.

Colours to Paint your Entertainment Centre:
So many colour to choose from – where should you start?  A bit of time spent on Pinterest is a great place to start. Notice the cabinets that jump out at you. The colour you choose for your painted entertainment centre cabinets is an important part of your design esthetic for the room. Get some ideas in our gallery of latest projects.

Popular Colours for Painted Cabinets

Popular Colours for Painted Cabinets

You probably hear a lot about colour and design trends, and certain shades that go well together. But when it comes down to actually picking a colour, it can feel like an impossible task. There...

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Best Surfaces for Sprayed Lacquer

Best Surfaces for Sprayed Lacquer

Lacquer is a versatile product that makes an excellent surface coating for a variety of materials. A brief overview of the interior home surfaces and wood types that perform the best when refinished and sprayed lacquer.

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