Is Painting Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea?

Jun 30, 2023

Is Painting Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea for your Home?

Most Modern Kitchens Are Painted!

Modern trends in interior design are steering towards more painted surfaces, creative vibrant colour schemes, and less exposed natural wood. Sprayed lacquer is one of the best, highest quality surface coatings available for cabinetry and trim in new homes.  Similarly, the market is seeing less stained wood and more solid colours concealing the nature of the building material. But people still wonder, ‘Is painting kitchen cabinets a good idea?’  Although many of our clients are initially skeptical about the longevity and quality of painted cabinets due to DIY projects using inferior retail type products.  The professional paint products available to licensed professionals and the results in both older and newer homes speak for themselves.

Spraying interior cabinets and wood features results in a luxuriously smooth, flawless and vibrant finish that presents an expensive and high quality feel to your entire home. In this article, we will explore why sprayed cabinetry is a great idea for anyone’s home project, and why more people are moving towards paint finishes for their home’s interior features. 

Sprayed Waterborne Painted Cabinets 

Spraying water-based latex paint on interior cabinets can provide a decent finish and feel without the smell and inconvenience of using lacquer. This product can be used in apartments, condo buildings, or homes where the client has a sensitivity to chemicals. Although latex is a thicker paint, often used for painting walls, the proper spray equipment can be used to achieve a relatively smooth finish. Even though Distinctively Paint specializes in sprayed lacquer, we are happy to use latex and waterborne products when appropriate, and we ensure that the resulting finish is still smooth to the touch and lovely to look at. Additionally, virtually any colour option or sheen is available and in the right quality latex, you can add a durable, attractive finish to any woodwork or cabinetry feature.  

Beware though, latex and waterborne products are not generally as durable as solvent based coatings.  While a professional can spray to a smooth finish and durability is reasonable, most don’t meet KCMA  Standards.  And those that do are often more expensive and harder to work with due to extended drying times.

Sprayed Lacquer Cabinets

Our bread and butter at Distinctively Paint, sprayed lacquer has become one of the most popular surface coatings for interior features like painted kitchen cabinets, bath vanity cabinets, trim and doors. Providing a durable, smooth, flawless look, sprayed lacquer cabinetry is a key feature in many new homes and renovation projects. Virtually any colour option across a wide variety of sheens is available to add an elegant yet protective finish to your home’s woodwork. Sprayed lacquer involves using high quality solvent-based paint that dries to produce a synthetic, flawless coating encasing the material underneath. Additionally, sprayed lacquer is durable, heat and water resistant, will not discolour, and can be cleaned or touched up even years after application. For any type of natural wood, composite materials like MDF, even metal or plastics, sprayed lacquer is an excellent way to add colour and vibrance to any project.

Modernizing Older Kitchen Cabinets

Getting back to the original question; yes, painting kitchen cabinets is a great idea. Especially if done by a professional spraying company with thousands of hours of experience. Sprayed latex or lacquer is particularly beneficial for older wood cabinetry, protecting the material underneath and extending its lifespan by ten years or more. A cost-effective way of modernizing the finish and feel of your home, a sprayed lacquer kitchen can instantly refresh a space that is decades old and showing its age. Of course, chipping or scratching is possible if not careful, especially with corners or edges. Evidently, one of the best features of sprayed lacquer is the ease with which touchups can be completed and blended in, thanks to the lack of discolouration. Modern trends dictate that colour and creativity is back in, and spraying cabinetry and trim features is an excellent way to modernize an aging interior space. 

Trust the Experts

Home builders, renovation companies, realtors and painters alike swear by the look, feel and quality of sprayed cabinetry and interior features. Painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets may have seemed like a bad decision twenty years ago. However, the product quality and expertise is reaching a level where the premier features in a brand new home are often coloured sprayed lacquer cabinetry, banisters and trim. If you’re considering modernizing your space or adding some colour to your home’s natural wood, consider Distinctively Paint for your next home improvement project. 

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