Painted Banister Rails

Did you know you can paint banister rails to look and feel brand new?  This category of articles answers a multitude of questions.

How to hire a painter for your staircase:
We talk about how to hire a cabinet painter.  These points relate to painting banister rails as well.  Spray skills, durable products and proper prep are similar to the cabinet painting process.  Read some of these articles to help make a good decision when picking your painter.  A staircase gets a ton of abuse and is one of the most touched millwork pieces in your home.  Having a painter that knows the special challenges with painting a staircase railing is critical.

Picking colours for your banister rail:
Do you have a traditional home or a modern esthetic? Do you want a solid colour or two tone?  Should your banister rail blend in with the rest of the trim in your house or do you want it to be a statement piece?  Review our articles on paint colour selection to answer all these questions and more.

Process – Getting ready to paint a stair railing.

Banister rails are complicated to paint.  Spindles, rails and posts have a lot of detail and angles to deal with.  There is also a ton of negative space where the paint just passes through the spindles and goes beyond the thing you are painting.  This makes preparation of the surrounding areas an incredibly important step.

Cleaning and sanding the railing is also important.  Cleaning will remove the oils and grime created by constant touching.  Sanding the rails will help to remove any deficiencies and create bite for the paint to adhere.

The articles in our learning center will focus on all these things and more.

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