Painting Services for Real Estate Agents

Does your listing need a refresh? Painting a property is the number one way to make it feel fresh and new, eliminating odours while making it feel current and modern instead of dated and drab. Create the impression of a well-cared for property while letting potential buyers see its true potential.

Your Listing

Is your seller unwilling to paint? The First Rule of Sales is “A confused mind always says no!” When a potential buyer views a property that requires a paint job, many questions come to mind. How much will painting cost? How much time will it take? How do I organize getting this done before I move in? Who should I call? Eliminate all those questions by having Distinctively Paint place a detailed and itemized quote on the counter next to the listing. Fewer Questions mean Fewer Objections – and you’re one step closer to closing the deal.

Your Buyers

How many times have you had buyers hesitate to make an offer after seeing that an otherwise perfect property that simply needs paint?

Did you know you can book a quote with Distinctively Paint during a second viewing or at the time of inspection?

If the painting is substantial, the quote can serve as a negotiating tool.

Having the numbers ahead of time will help your clients to budget, and there is no scrambling for additional viewings for trades.

Once the deal is complete, your client will already have all the information they need to schedule the job at the most convenient time for them.

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