Our Interior Painting Services

Our painters are trained to work in your home or office – because you home or office is not a construction site.
We work in a small area at a time and clean up before moving on so that your entire home or office isn’t disrupted at the same time.
We carry out your interior painting so you can go to bed in a tidy room every single night and will do our best to not disrupt your kitchen during dinner.
We move the furniture for you. And then put it back where it belongs when we’re finished.
We take down all the window treatments and put them back up or fill the holes if you’re planning a new look.
We take off all switch plates and put them back on.
We patch holes, repair defects and sand the entire wall prior to painting for a finer finish.
All of our clients receive a complimentary colour consultation to choose the perfect shade to enhance the homes architectural and decorative features.
We conduct a first walkthrough inspection by our foreman and a second with you to ensure every detail is perfect.
Guaranteed pricing – The price doesn’t change unless the scope of work does.

If you are looking for professional
Cabinet Painters,

Please Call 403-971-4434, or complete

our online consultation form.

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