Hybrid Cabinet Painting Service

Give yourself a new kitchen for a fraction of the time and cost of replacement.

The Hybrid DIY Cabinet Painting Service – Best of Both Worlds.

The Hybrid / DIY Cabinet Painting Service allows the homeowner to do some of the work themselves, saving money but not sacrificing quality where you need it most. 

We provide all the necessary tools including the waterborne product to match your professionally sprayed doors. Cabinet boxes, trim and other in-house details are completed by the homeowner, with all the coaching and know-how provided by Distinctively Paint. Distinctively Paint will pick up all the doors, drawers and removable parts to be prepped and painted in our professional spray booth. This gives you the benefit of the durability of a lacquer finish on the doors and drawers, where you need it most, at significantly less cost than our full-service cabinet painting.

How Much Will It Cost to Paint My Kitchen?

Average 25 Door Kitchen


Average 35 Door Kitchen

 $3175 – 3575

Average 50 Door Kitchen

$4450 – 5000

Our Process

The homeowner removes all the doors and drawers and begins the prepping process by cleaning the boxes.
Distinctively Paint will drop off the paint and pick up the doors for delivery to the spray booth.

While the homeowner does the in house portion, Distinctively Paint will do all washing, sanding, patching and painting of the doors.

Once the doors are ready and the in house portion is complete, Distinctively Paint will deliver the doors and pick up the tools used to complete the work in home.  And just like that, you have a brand new kitchen!

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