Spray Shop

Spray Shop / Booth

Why Use A Spray Shop

Whether you’re a cabinet maker, renovator or a homeowner looking for professional painters, spray shop services are an excellent choice for top quality professional spray painting.

For homeowners, our shop can handle the toughest aspects of a painting job and provide you with refinished doors or other items without the stress of having to paint them yourself at home.

For contractors, our spray shop can handle full cabinet sets, passage doors or other items that require spray booth painting.

Spray Shop / Spray Booth Services

  • Our services include professional assessment, cleaning, fixing/filling, sanding and spraying virtually any wood or mdf surface.
  • Our processes for prepping, sanding, spraying and drying ensure the highest quality end-product with a virtually flawless finish.  Even used pieces will look and feel brand new.
  • We work with almost all cabinet products: traditional woods such as oak or maple, modern composites like MDF.
  • We can remove thermofoil and paint the substrate resulting in a door that looks brand new again.
  • We can repair water damage for restoration projects, often eliminating the need to replace an entire kitchen.

Use the same services we use to paint kitchen cabinets for cabinet makers, renovators and builders across the city.

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