Popular Colours for Painted Cabinets

Jun 10, 2024

You probably hear a lot about colour and design trends, and certain shades that go well together. But when it comes down to actually picking a colour, it can feel like an impossible task. There are so many colour options out there and many different undertones that make paint colours such an impactful decision, affecting the feel of the entire home.

In this article we are going to outline some of the specific colour choices that we see frequently on home interior projects, whether that be walls, kitchen cabinets or banister railings. Virtually all of these colours come from the colour palettes of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

These are colour choices that either go well with already existing decor, are useful for modernizing a space, or colours that are chic and trendy that make for great accent pieces. 


  • Oxford White
    • A popular classic bright white with slight cool undertones under direct lighting. Oxford White can be used to elevate almost any colour and design palette and will add a ton of brightness to your space. Use this shade to instantly modernize your cabinets, trim and walls!
  • Cloud White 
    • A popular choice for clients looking for a softer white with warmer undertones. Not quite a cream shade, Cloud White is supple and bright without making the space feel “too bright”. Cloud white looks excellent as a primary colour on any cabinetry.
  • White Dove
    • A clean, modern shade of white with a similar amount of brightness to Oxford but with more depth and colour. White Dove is another popular shade of white for clients who want a brighter, more modern colour scheme but with more vibrant, welcoming undertones. 
  • Classic Gray
    • Don’t let the name fool you, this ultra-light shade of grey reads as an off-white with warm, earthy undertones. This shade looks excellent on walls or cabinets underneath bright cool lighting that can really pull out the strong rocky undertones from this popular grey-white.
  • Decorator’s White
    • This sleek and stylish cool white is the perfect canvas for your home’s walls. Modernize and brighten your interior space with this vibrant and clean, slightly cool shade of white that goes with just about everything. 


  • Kendall Charcoal
    • This dark, neutral gray is one of the most popular choices for an accent colour on a kitchen island or bathroom vanity. With a wide range of undertones, this rich shade works well in bright and dark environments and compliments virtually any lighter primary colour. 
  • Rockport Gray
    • This warmer, earthy gray has the slightest hint of violet undertones, making it a unique and stunning colour choice for walls or cabinets. This colour looks especially contemporary on bathroom vanities and built-in entertainment units.  
  • Chelsea Gray
    • This rich shade of gray is filled with undertones and makes for the perfect accent colour for those who find Kendall Charcoal too dark, and Rockport Gray too warm. 
  • Metropolitan
    • This vibrant, cooler shade of gray is the definition of contemporary. The perfect colour to modernize your entire home whether on the walls or the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Pairs beautifully with a dark gray accent shade.
  • Wrought Iron
    • On the line between gray and black, this dark but vibrant shade of gray makes for a fantastic contemporary statement colour or as a rich accent wall highlighting an interior space. 


  • Hale Navy
    • A super popular colour for accent walls or kitchen islands, this dark navy gives off shades of cool gray in direct sun, making it the perfect subtle blue for any home.
  • Patriot Blue
    • This classic royal blue will shine bright for any blue-lovers that want a unique bathroom vanity or kitchen island that really pops, while still looking chic and stylish.
  • Hidden Sapphire
    • This gorgeous shade of dark blue with teal and sapphire undertones will really pop in a room with bright natural light. Perfect for a stunningly unique kitchen island or entertainment centre, and look especially stylish on walls.
  • Indi Go-Go
    • A softer, more subtle shade of blue with indigo and gray undertones. This colour will add just the right touch of uniqueness to any home, especially those with white or light grey cabinets. 
  • Caribbean Teal
    • This almost-gray is the perfect colour for anyone who wants a hint of blue in their design scheme without going too overboard. This blueish gray will give off subtle creative undertones while seamlessly blending into almost any existing design scheme. 


  • Eucalyptus Leaf
    • One of the most pleasant, warming colours to look at. This earthy yet vibrant yellow-green makes for the perfect soft and natural accent colour on any cabinetry or walls. 
  • Harrisburg Green
    • The perfect blend between a soft blue and a soft green. This jade-like shade of green pops with warm blue undertones and makes for a surprisingly good colour on kitchen cabinets, especially paired with natural wood elements. 
  • Louisburg Green
    • This very earthy, muted green has undertones of warm grey that make it a perfect choice for those who want the creative touch of colour but not too much, while keeping the overall theme of warm, rustic, and earthy. 

Other Unique Choices 

Virtually any colour can be matched and turned into sprayed cabinet finish. Do you have existing trim in your house that you want to match the kitchen cabinets to? A piece of artwork with a stylish darker tone that you want matched onto your kitchen island or bathroom vanity? We can work with you to find a colour that already exists within your home and build from it, creating a cohesive and modern interior look. Or, choose one of the increasingly popular colours listed in this blog that are modern, stylish, and will complement a variety of interior design schemes. The possibilities are nearly endless! Contact Distinctively Paint today for your hassle-free quote on kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and interior millwork. 

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