Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Articles on this website linked to this category are all about painted kitchens.

We explore topics such as durability of painted cabinets.  We talk about great colour selections when painting kitchens.  As well as some advice about what products to choose when having you cabinets painted.

See also our other article categories such as banister rail painting, painting of bathroom vanities.  Entertainment centres and rec-room bar cabinets are also a popular option for cabinet painting.

We discuss concepts such as durability, process, how to get ready to have a cabinet painter come to your house, and more.

It is our goal to become the Wikipedia of Painted Kitchen Cabinets and to serve as your go to source for expert information.

Best Surfaces for Sprayed Lacquer

Best Surfaces for Sprayed Lacquer

Lacquer is a versatile product that makes an excellent surface coating for a variety of materials. A brief overview of the interior home surfaces and wood types that perform the best when refinished and sprayed lacquer.

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