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at Distinctively Paint

Are you searching for a company to call home? Are you tired of dead end jobs, feeling under
appreciated and under rewarded for your hard work?
Take pride in your work? Wouldn’t you love a career where you can see what you’ve
accomplished every single day?

We’d love to offer you all of that and more.

Over the years, Distinctively Paint has developed a very specific process for every thing we do here. We have a full training manual with every step laid out so you can learn and grow as quickly as possible.

We love eager and excited trainees that are new to the trades. You already know you have a hard time sitting still – so an office job isn’t for you. You know you love to work with your hands and see the amazing results every day.

But isn’t it true that everyone seems to want someone with experience? Or even if they are willing to hire a trainee, there’s no process or system in place to get you up to speed so you end up feeling like you’re set up to fail. That really isn’t fair to you when you come to work eager and excited to learn.

laying protection on a counter to protect from paint overspray

We love hiring new trainees

At Distinctively Paint we love hiring new trainees. Even if you have never held a brush or sprayer in your life, you’re welcome here.
We much prefer training from scratch with our systems, tested over the hundreds of cabinets that we paint each year, and knowing that the way you’ve always done it is the right way.

Because of our intense focus on cabinetry and spray work, even our 3 month trainees have more cabinetry painting experience than most average house painters get in their entire career.
We have a two week training program in our Calgary shop where you can get comfortable in the many steps required to paint cabinets before you ever step foot on a client project.

Once on site, we start you out as a junior prepper either on the shop floor or on an in-house project. You’ll be supervised and your training continued by a Senior Prepper or the Spray Leader. Don’t be offended when we constantly check your work, we do it all the time, every time, with everybody.

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