Painted Cabinets vs New Cabinets

Jun 30, 2023

Painted Cabinets vs New Cabinets:  A Comparative Overview
Buyers in every industry will always be drawn towards “new”. Being the first owner of something is a feeling worth the price. There are times however, when purchasing new is not the best option for the buyer. A significant portion of our clientele live in homes that are 15 years old or newer, and on most occasions the home’s woodwork is in great condition. Minor issues such as water damage, cracks and bubbling are easily fixable for a painting company skilled in painted cabinets. In this article we will break down the cost comparison of painted cabinets vs new cabinets as well as the benefits of both. By the end, you should have a good idea of whether or not a new sprayed lacquer finish on your cabinets might be the best option for your next home project.
Kitchen Renovation
The benefits of a kitchen renovation are fairly straight-forward: if you want new, this is your route. Providing the budget is there, a kitchen remodel is pricey but effective for broad, overall changes. An average sized home kitchen, with 35 doors/drawer fronts covering an area of 250 – 350 square feet, will cost you anywhere in the range of $20,000 to $60,000 and beyond, heavily dependent on the scope of the job. Adding in new appliances, flooring etc. will easily push a renovation job into the $60 – $80,000 range if you’re working with a higher end company. Most estimates found on websites for Calgary-based renovation companies list a range of $100 to $325 per square foot, and that a good starting estimate for a small-to-medium kitchen is $30,000 to $40,000, without new appliances.
Sprayed Lacquer (or other KCMA approved quality coating)
The benefits of painted kitchen cabinets are both financial and practical. There is great practical benefit for the client, as spraying lacquer is significantly less invasive than renovation. Our goal for each lacquer project is to be in and out in two days, not counting the wait time for the doors. Of course, larger projects demand more time. But the benefit of choosing this route is that your house remains largely useable throughout the process. In terms of cost, the same average sized 35-door kitchen from the previous example would cost you in the range of $6650 to $7500 with Distinctively Paint. Keeping in mind, the design and layout of your space remains the same, but the colour and finish is brand new.
Our (Biased) Opinion 
We must be honest with you here – as a company specializing in kitchen cabinet painting our entire mission is to educate our clients that with us, you don’t need a kitchen remodel. Our professional method and expertise in painting kitchen cabinets allows us to revitalize the cabinets and woodwork of a home at a fraction of the cost to renovate. In most cases, the vital pieces of wood that are being sprayed are not in a condition with which tearing out and replacing is necessary. So if a client likes the design and layout of their kitchen, painted kitchen cabinets is an excellent choice for saving money and achieving a brand new look. If you’re happy with your space and think that it maybe just needs a new look and feel, a brighter colour to open up the space, consider hiring Distinctively Paint for your next project.

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