Painted Bath Vanity Cabinets

This category contains many topics related to painted bath vanity cabinets.

How to pick your vanity cabinet painter:
If you are considering hiring someone to paint the vanity, there are many things you can ask a painter to ensure they are skilled in the very customized field of cabinet painting. We have questions to ask your cabinet painter and many other articles about painting bathroom cabinets.

Popular paint colours for cabinets:
The design world loves to play with colours for cabinetry. The bath cabinets are a fun place to add a pop of colour on a smaller scale.  A kids bath could be brightly coloured, a master bath cabinet could be dark and moody or bright and fresh.  A powder room cabinet is a great place to get a little creative with colours.

The right products for painted cabinets:
Bathrooms are hot and steamy places. You need the right paint to stand up to these challenging conditions. Use proper kcma approved products to withstand the rigours of a bathroom cabinet.

The process of painting cabinets:
You really need the cabinets to be clean prior to painting. Tooth paste, soap and hairspray are all things that could contaminate a surface and should be removed prior to painting.


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