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When it comes to choosing your painting professional, you need to be confident you have made the right choice.
At Distinctively Paint we pride ourselves in providing our clients with more than just superior results, we will provide you with the information you need every step of the way to ensure you make informed decisions about your project.
Do you have a license, insurance and WCB coverage?
Yes, Distinctively Paint is licensed in the City of Calgary and carries WCB and $2 Million in liability insurance.
Is Distinctively Paint locally owned?
Yes, Distinctively Paint is a family company, owned by Calla Mitchell – a Calgary resident for over 20 years.
How long have you been in business?
You will see by our Better Business Bureau record that the company was opened in 1999.
Do you have any references?
Yes, we have many references! We have listed several in this package for your review. Please feel free to call them and ask about their experience with Distinctively Paint.
Do you have a warranty?
Yes, absolutely! Our warranty includes paint and labour. We offer a 3 year warranty for interior projects and a 2 year warranty for exterior projects.
What organizations do you belong to?
We belong to the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America and MPI (the Master Painters Institute). These organizations provide up to date information regarding training programs and product reviews.
What kind of paint do you use?

For walls, our go to products are Benjamin Moore Regal or Cloverdale Super 2. For cabinets, we typically use precat, voc compliant lacquer, solvent or water borne depending on application and client preference.

Can you help me with picking out colours?
Absolutely! We have a colour consultant that will happily come to your home with a large collection of colours to help you choose under your homes specific lighting conditions.
Will someone watch my project to ensure it is done correctly?
Yes, Distinctively Paint has a team approach. When your project starts, our Project Manager will arrive to meet with you to ensure that all details are covered. We then conduct a daily internal inspection as well as a final walkthrough with yourself while the painters are still onsite. We can then take care of any touch up’s right then and there.
How do you hire your painters?
We advertise in various mediums using a carefully worded ad which highlights our requirements for painters with multiple years experience. When ever possible we advertise for painters during what is typically considered the slow season. We do this because it affords us the best chance to find an excellent painter that may be not getting enough work at their current employment.
How do you screen your painters?
Every applicant is first subjected to a phone interview, then an in-person interview – shortlisting as we go. We then check references and where possible visit previous jobs. Because we hire employees, once we have narrowed down our applicants further, we conduct a criminal record check and introduce them to the team. The Project Manager has final approval since there needs to be a good character fit on site.
Do you have a training program?
Yes, we have an extensive training program. For experienced painters, we coach as we go ensuring they learn and use the systems and processes we have instituted to ensure a quality job. New habits are taught and monitored as we work together. For the rare time we hire inexperienced painters, we have a step by step program to ensure competence in each area before they are allowed to proceed on their own. And even then they work under the watchful eye of the Project Manager.
How do you handle changes on site?
We are flexible with any painting or small repairs you need onsite and will be happy to quote any changes that you would like to make during the project.
If you have any other questions about painting company services, give us a call today.

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