Brown Kitchen Cabinets Painted White

Classic Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets Painted Bright and Modern Oxford White

This project featured a full kitchen cabinet painting in sprayed lacquer. From a common dark brown stain found in many homes that are ten to fifteen years old, to a trendy and vibrant Oxford White. Painting the dark cabinets a shade of white helped open up and transform the space in this cozy Airdrie kitchen. This client was blown away by how transformative the cabinet painting process can be! Do you have brown kitchen cabinets that make your home feel dark? Consider having them painted a stylish and modern shade of white! It not only instantly modernizes your home, but renews your cabinetry doors and wooden fronts in such a way that makes them look brand new once the painting is done. Don’t spend the money to replace your aging cabinetry when the boxes and doors you already have are perfectly fine!

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