Classic Orange Wood Cabinets Painted Grey

Classic Orange Wood Kitchen Cabinets Painted Modern Subtle Grey

This project featured a full kitchen cabinet painting in sprayed lacquer. This client was doing extensive renovations to their home, including new flooring, countertops and tile backsplash. To bring it all together, we painted their orange wood cabinets a trendy shade of grey called Urban Sunrise. The end result was a chic and modern kitchen that complimented the new counters and flooring perfectly. Even a smaller, cozy kitchen such as this one can benefit from feeling more “open” and spacious with a fresh, light tone of paint on the cabinets!

Do you have classic orange wood kitchen cabinets, or aging wood bathroom vanities? Consider getting them painted a modern and subtle shade of grey! It not only instantly modernizes your home, but renews your cabinetry doors and wooden fronts in such a way that makes them look brand new once the painting is done. Don’t pay to replace when you can have new looking cabinets for a fraction of the cost!

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