Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Bragg Creek

Trendy and Modern Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Rustic Bragg Creek Home

No, this client’s kitchen cabinets did not have a bad case of the measles! This Bragg Creek kitchen cabinet painting required a lot of red mud for dents and scratches, to ensure the final result meant the kitchen was as close to “new” after painting as we could possibly make it. This rustic and rural kitchen went from an awkward and dated two tone wood design to a gorgeous bright and contemporary shade of white that reflects much more light back into the house. The redesign was finished off with brand new black accent hardware pulls on each door and drawer front. This kitchen is truly one of the most drastic before-and-afters we’ve ever had!

Do you have dated brown kitchen cabinets? Consider having them painted in a stylish and modern shade of white! These dark and dated cabinets were instantly modernized with a fresh shade of bright white that truly opened up the space and changed the entire feel of the main floor. Replacing your cabinetry can be very expensive, and in most cases the doors and boxes you already have are still in great shape! Save money and transform your entire home with a cabinetry painting job!

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