Modern Grey Cabinet Painting

Modern, Stylish Grey Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Northeast Calgary

We love it when our clients think bold is beautiful! This modern grey cabinet painting was done using Metropolis by Benjamin Moore matched to a Cloverdale professional spray lacquer to paint their kitchen and bath vanity cabinets. As you can see, we are able to repair minor damage, so your cabinet doors come back looking like new! What a difference this colour change made to these cabinets. The entire home was modernized essentially overnight!

Do you have a dated shade of burgundy on your kitchen cabinets? Consider having them painted a modern shade of grey! These dark and dated cabinets were instantly modernized with a stylish and contemporary shade of lighter grey that truly opened up the space and changed the entire feel of the main floor. Painting over your dark and dated cabinetry will not only modernize the space, but your cabinet surfaces will reflect more light back into the home, and give off a variety of warm and cool shades depending on the source of lighting. Having your cabinets painted will completely transform your home!

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