Painted Kitchen Cabinets in Citadel

Modern Light Grey-White Painted Cabinets in Citadel, Calgary

Sometimes a client already has painted kitchen cabinets but would just like a freshening and brightening of the space. These painted cabinets in Citadel, NW Calgary were previously painted with Kendall Charcoal as an accent on the lowers, and we painted them to match the upper cabinets with the existing colour of Barely White for an all-around brighter look.  The client was really happy with this cohesive overall grey white. Those counters and cabinet pulls really pop now!

Do you have a dated and worn painted kitchen? Do you want a modern, cohesive look on your cabinets? Consider having it re-done in a vibrant and modern shade of off-white! This white/light grey kitchen was instantly modernized and the upgraded handles make this kitchen truly look brand new. Have your painted kitchen cabinet doors sanded, repaired and repainted today for a fraction of the cost to replace!

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