Vibrant White Painted Banister Railing

Classic Brown Stained Wood to Vibrant White Painted Banister Railing and Shelf Features

This project featured a banister rail painting in sprayed lacquer. This client was renovating a large portion of their home, and wanted us to spray their banister before they changed the flooring and painted the walls. We sprayed the banister going to the downstairs, a mounted shelf and the main downstairs column a bright and modern shade of White Dove. This newly refinished banister rail painting instantly became the centrepiece of the client’s home, waiting to be accented by new walls and flooring. Do you have a classic brown wood banister or other home features? Consider having them painted a vibrant shade of white! It not only instantly modernizes your home, but renews the surface material in such a way that makes your banister or shelves look brand new once the painting is done. Consider transforming the feel of your home’s interior today with a painted banister railing!

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