Brown Banister Painted to Match Kitchen

Dark Brown Banister and Bath Cabinets Painted to Match Existing White Kitchen

This project featured a partial kitchen painting, as well as a full banister from upstairs to the basement, a small bathroom vanity and a built-in desk feature. This client requested that we match the already painted kitchen’s trendy cream white colour to the rest of the interior wood features. No more dark brown island, banister, desk or bathroom, and the results were transformative! Have your banister and bath cabinets painted to match your existing kitchen colour today!

Do you have different colour features in your home? Is your kitchen cabinetry a modern, stylish shade but you have dark wood elsewhere? At Distinctively Paint we are able to get a near-exact colour match of your existing cabinetry, and refinish any cabinetry or wood surface that you want modernized and updated! Consider a cabinetry painting job today to instantly refresh and modernize any interior space!

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