Dark Cabinets Repainted Vibrant Off White

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Repainted to a Stylish and Vibrant Off White

This project featured a full kitchen cabinet painting in sprayed lacquer. This cozy Airdrie kitchen went from having dark brown kitchen cabinets that were repainted a vibrant off white called Classic Grey. Don’t let the name fool you, this “grey” reads as a beautiful off-white that can really open up a smaller-feeling space and add liveliness to an entire floor. The black accent hardware provides an elegant, modern touch and the larger drawer-pull bars add extra style and flair to this updated, modernized kitchen.

Do you have dark kitchen cabinetry? The darker your cabinets are, the more light they absorb! Having your dark kitchen cabinets painted a bright and vibrant shade of white will make your kitchen feel more spacious, and the cabinetry fronts will reflect a ton of extra light back into the home, adding vibrance to the entire floor. Changing your hardware from a dated to a modern style, as well as choosing a prominent accent colour like black on white, adds the perfect finishing touch to a freshly painted and modernized kitchen space.



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