Dated Yellow Oak Kitchen Painted Contemporary Grey

Dated Yellow Oak Kitchen Cabinets Painted to a Contemporary Shade of Grey

This project featured a full kitchen cabinetry painting in sprayed lacquer. This dated yellow oak kitchen was repainted in a modern and trendy Coventry Grey. We also upgraded the hardware to feature stylish dark brushed copper handles and drawer knobs. The new look and feel of these kitchen cabinets completely redefined the interior vibe of this beautiful, cozy home in the established neighbourhood of Simons Valley.

Do you have dated yellow oak kitchen cabinets? Consider having them painted in a stylish and modern shade of grey! These dated, yellow cabinets were instantly modernized with a fresh and stylish shade of grey that truly opened up the space and changed the entire feel of the home. Replacing your cabinetry can be very expensive, and in most cases the doors and boxes you already have are still in great shape! Save money and transform your entire home with a cabinetry painting job!


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