Earthy Green to Modern White Kitchen Repaint

Earthy Green to Modern White Kitchen Cabinet Repair and Repainting

This project featured a full kitchen cabinetry repaint. This cozy, older style kitchen with exposed front-facing hardware was in need of a change of paint colour. Using sprayed lacquer, we painted these cabinets from a faded earthy green to a fresh and vibrant Sea Pearl, an off-white with cool grey undertones. A green to white cabinet repaint instantly modernized this cozy kitchen.

Do you have dated and worn painted kitchen cabinets? Consider having them re-done with a professional sprayed lacquer job! The old finish can be sanded down and replaced with a new, vibrant and colourful paint tone that renews your cabinetry surfaces and instantly modernizes your home’s interior! Virtually any kitchen, regardless of age, can benefit from a modernizing paint job!

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