Thermofoil Cabinets Repaired and Painted White

Worn Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets Repaired and Painted Fresh Modern White

This project featured a full kitchen cabinet painting in sprayed lacquer. This client’s kitchen had dated thermofoil cabinetry that was peeling on the doors and separating on some of the main side panels. We removed any edge tape and melamine that was peeling, repaired and sanded the cabinetry and painted everything a fresh coat of straight White. Once finished, the kitchen felt newer, brighter, and refreshed.

Do you have dated, worn, or peeling thermofoil on your kitchen cabinets? Consider hiring Distinctively Paint to strip, sand and repair the old thermofoil on your doors and resurface your cabinetry with a vibrant and modern shade of white sprayed lacquer! Having your kitchen cabinets painted is not only a more cost-effective option than replacing, but they will look and feel brand new and make your current cabinets last even longer than they would have before! Sprayed lacquer forms a strong and durable coating that will protect the wood underneath for a decade or more.

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