Faded Purple Room Repainted Classy Dark Grey

Bright and Sunny Purple Room Repainted a Classy Dark Grey

This was a feature room from a full interior walls painting job. This bright, rear-facing bedroom went from a faded light purple, repainted to a modern and classy dark grey called Kendall Charcoal. Just painting the walls modernized the entire room and made the white trim really pop! When Distinctively Paint arrives for a wall-painting job, we don’t just ensure the colour is changed. We sand, patch, fill and check every square inch of the wall to ensure it looks and feels brand new once the painting is completed. Just by changing the colour from a faded and outdated light purple to a fresh, modern and stylish dark grey, the room feels newer, more contemporary, and the window trim, door frames and doors themselves feel more vibrant and pop against the darker wall.

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