Brown Cabinets Refreshed with Bright White Paint

Modern Brown Kitchen Cabinets Refreshed with A Bright Off-White Paint

This project featured a full kitchen painting in sprayed lacquer. This cozy and modern dark brown kitchen received a bright refresh when we sprayed the doors and cabinetry a unique off-white shade of paint called Antique Ivory. At different times of day and under different lighting, antique ivory will display a variety of natural undertones that go from cool greys to warmer, creamy whites. This colour truly is a versatile and elegant addition to any cabinetry colour scheme.

Do you have a relatively modern kitchen but with an outdated colour scheme? Consider having your kitchen cabinets redone in a sprayed lacquer paint job! This modern kitchen was instantly refreshed and updated with a bright off-white that transformed the space and added tons of light into the main floor. Dark cabinets absorb so much light, making kitchens feel small and cramped. Having a brighter, more reflective colour tone will drastically change the lighting and vibrance without having to do any major renovations!

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