Best Colours to Paint Cabinets 

Feb 7, 2023

Expressive, emotive and vibrant colour schemes are making a comeback in interior design. More of our clients at Distinctively Paint are opting for sprayed lacquer cabinetry that adds a creative element or an accent colour that brings out more detailed features in an interior space. At the same time, sleek, clean and modern looks are achieved with vibrant shades of white and grey that make any interior space look contemporary. There is no “best” colour for all home cabinetry, rather our team helps each individual client pick a colour or set of colours that works both for the client themselves, and for the already existing interior features. Colours that bring out detail in countertops or backsplash, colours that match or contrast with the wall paint, or colours that will bring an entirely new feel to a kitchen space. In this blog we will explore the colour palettes that are most commonly requested by our clients, shades that help increase a home’s sale value, as well as creative and unique design choices that help personalize an interior space.   

Modern & Trendy 

A popular trend for modernizing kitchen cabinetry is using brighter colours to open up the space. Even in contrast to darker coloured walls, there are various shades of warm or cool whites and greys that can make a kitchen feel more spacious, vibrant, and modern. Many of our clients have homes that feature natural wood cabinetry or stained wood cabinets, which in combination with darker walls, can make a space feel lacking in light and closed in. The modern trend is to have clean, contemporary shades of white and grey that show off features like art and plants, and is more reflective of interior light sources so as to provide a brighter feeling space. We will speak on this in the following paragraphs, but clients of ours who are looking at selling their home will choose wall and cabinetry colours that speak to the majority of the market and sell the quickest. As of 2023, those colours are still predominantly shades of white on main cabinetry and trim, light or dark greys for islands, pantry doors or accent features, and dark blues for accent features or bathroom spaces. White kitchens, whether that be a cool or warm shade of white, with a light to medium shade of grey on the walls is still the most popular and arguably the quickest selling interior colour-scheme.   

Creative and Unique 

For clients that are not looking at selling their home and want to add their own personal creative elements to the interior design, virtually any colour option is available in sprayed lacquer. Whether we create a match of an already existing colour in your home or sell you on a brand new shade, sprayed lacquer will provide not only a smooth and durable surface coating but also a vibrant colourful finish that adds a completely new dynamic to the feel of your home’s interior space. In the past few years, we have sprayed interior cabinetry for our clients in shades of earthy green, royal and navy blues, dark burgundy reds, chocolate browns and black. We have done creamy white matches to client’s trim, sprayed a vivid Persian blue to match bathroom sink fixtures, or an entire kitchen, trim and banister a dark shade of black for a client who desired a dark autumn aesthetic. The list of colour options available to spray in lacquer is almost endless, and entirely up to each of our clients. Whether you’re choosing a colour that already exists inside your home that you want accentuated, or changing to a fresh colour that adds a brand new feel to your interior space, Distinctively Paint is happy to help you find the colour scheme and design language that you’re looking for in your next painting project. 

Colours that Sell 

As discussed in the ‘Modern & Trendy’ paragraph, a number of our clients come to us in hopes of renewing their cabinetry or revitalizing their interior paint in order to raise the home value and attract more attention to it on the open market. We have painted interior walls and cabinetry for a number of clients prior to listing for sale, which has helped their home attract the attention it deserves. A new paint job and cabinetry finish will attract more attention and potentially sell faster and for a higher price than a comparable home that has a ten year old paint job and stained wood cabinetry that has never been refinished. Most buyers are looking for a home that feels modern, clean, bright, and welcoming. Even if the home is fifty years old, a modern tone of grey on the walls and a fresh coat of white on the cabinetry, trim and doors makes a world of difference in terms of how your home feels and presents itself. These colours are fairly universal in terms of interior design language, how they blend with other colours and accent features, and are attractive to almost any buyer looking for a bright, open and modern space.   

The Choice is Yours

There is no “best” colour to spray on your home’s cabinetry, rather it is up to each client and what they desire to achieve by the end of a project. For clients who want an easier time selling, or just want a modern, clean and contemporary look that works with almost anything – whites and greys are the hot ticket item. For clients who like being creative, want to personalize their space or want something truly unique and new, Distinctively Paint can provide virtually any colour that is available on the market today.   

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