Cost of having your Cabinets Painted

Jan 25, 2023

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Cost of Painted Cabinets – 5 Factors that Determine Price

So you’re considering updating the colour of your kitchen cabinets!  But you’re unsure of the cost and what type of cabinet painting is worth it. You might not even be aware that painting cabinets is a durable and cost friendly option! What we at Distinctively Paint have found is that using professional, high-quality commercial products and spraying techniques provide a finish that looks brand new and will feel smooth to the touch.  Newly finished cabinets will add a vibrant new look to the design of your home, and provides a durable product that will last for years.

Believe it or not, most cabinets, trim and doors in new homes are all painted!

This look, feel and finish you get in a brand new home is exactly what we aim to achieve at Distinctively Paint. Professional sprayed finishes can also be a very cost-effective option in updating the overall look of a home, and that’s what we’re here to talk about in this article. You may believe that your cabinets are too old or worn-down to be saved.  We can assure you that through our professional prepping and spraying techniques, even the oldest woodwork in your home can look fresh and modern at a fraction of the cost of renovating and replacing.

Here are the main factors that determine how much we will charge for a sprayed finish.

  1. The number of pieces removed and sprayed in the professional booth
  2. The scope and scale of the job; how complex is it?
  3. The level of pre-spray prep needed
  4. Issue areas: excessive silicone/non-sprayable material, wood repairs
  5. Keeping your existing hardware or replacing it with new, updated cabinet pulls.

Let’s go into more detail below on how each factor contributes to the cost of painted kitchen cabinets.

  1. The bulk of a project’s cost will come from the number of pieces being removed and sprayed.

    This is true whether they be cabinetry doors, drawer fronts or full sized man-doors. Next, we would consider the total surface area being sprayed with lacquer in the client’s home, whether that be a full sized kitchen with island, bathrooms, a banister rail; any interior built woodwork that a client wishes to have colour.

  2. The next contributing factor to cost fluctuation is the complexity of the job.

    Do your cabinet doors feature a finely detailed profile, or are they more modern and flat? This can determine the complexity of the sanding and priming process. Is your cabinetry relatively standard, or more customized with varied box sizes, complex hardware and hard-to-reach areas? This can affect the time it takes to complete the on-site spraying and re-install. Most homes that are built by high-volume home building companies use standardized hardware and building techniques that allow us to complete our job fairly easily.

    However, we won’t shy away from a project because of complexity, it will just be reflected in pricing through the time it takes and the necessary steps to complete it.

  3. The third contributing factor to cost comes down to the level of pre-spray preparation needed inside the client’s home.

    Most of our projects are done in homes that are not full-on renovation projects, which means the preparation needed to spray lacquer is very thorough and the attention to detail is high. Our standard pricing scale reflects that. However, if you are extensively renovating your home, for example, we may not need to prep off the flooring and walls, that would be reflected in how much we would charge for that stage of the process.

    Suffice to say, job preparation is arguably the most significant aspect of any painting project.  The majority of homes we work in are fully finished and occupied, and require the highest attention to detail in prepping and containing the job area.

  4. The fourth contributing factor to cost fluctuation are not readily visible in images.

    Many of these finer details wouldn’t be noticed over pictures which is why we set up a call to discuss the project prior to giving virtual quotes. Some of these issues include excessive silicone which requires removal and reapplication after painting, potential broken or defective hardware that requires replacement, excessive patchwork, old paint that needs to be completely removed, the list goes on. Each job is unique and requires us to inspect every aspect of what we will be spraying in order to give you the most accurate price based on our plan for your specific project.

  5. The final factor that contributes to a potentially higher cost is a decision that rests with the client: are you keeping or changing any hardware?

    Let’s say, you’re going from having dark brown cabinets to a nice shade of white. You may want to switch from having chrome handles to having black. Or you may want larger pulls on your drawer fronts. Soft-close hinges are also a popular option for some people.
    The easiest way to keep cost down, is to keep all your existing hinges, handles and pulls. The option is there however, should you desire new hinges or a different size, shape and colour of handle. It’s all up to you!

Real world prices of painted cabinets

Now that we know about the main factors in determining the cost of painted cabinets, let’s talk actual numbers. An average 25 door kitchen, which you’d find in most condos, apartments and smaller homes/townhomes will cost you in the range of $4500 to $5000. An average 35 door kitchen, which you’d find in most suburban detached homes, will be in the range of $6000 to $6500.

Let’s say you want to paint a 40 door kitchen, as well as cabinets in 2 bathrooms, plus a fireplace mantle and a banister railing going from the main floor to upstairs. That could cost anywhere from $9000 to $11000+.

Keep in mind, every project is unique and may require a proper consultation in order for us to best understand how to accomplish the job and to ensure our price is optimal for you. It’s safe to assume that a properly sprayed commercial coating will always be the cost-effective option as replacing the woodwork in your home is rarely a necessity when it can be made new again with a freshly sprayed coating. Well-built cabinets will last for decades and can look brand new after a professional sprayed finish from Distinctively Paint.


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